Tony Romo’s Dog Eliminated From Puppy Bowl Playoffs

Updated: January 25, 2013

Tony Grrrromo, the eight-and-a-half-week old puppy of Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, was outplayed by the younger, faster Robert Kibble III, and found himself eliminated from the Puppy Bowl playoffs late Thursday evening.



Grrrromo, a preseason favorite of ESPN and other national outlets, twice fumbled his squeak toy in critical late game tussles, and was flagged multiple times for delay of game penalties when he stopped just short of the goal line to pee.


“Obviously we’re disappointed,” said Jerry Bones, Grrrromo’s trainer. “But it’d be a mistake to lay all the blame for this defeat at Tony Grrrromo’s paws.  We remain committed to Grrrromo as our franchise mutt of the future, and are convinced that he will one day being the LomBarky trophy back home to Dallas.”


While most analysts were stunned by Grrrromo’s failure to qualify for post-season play, some claimed to have seen the early exit coming


“The scouting report on Grrrromo is that he’s not housebroken, and frequently soils his sleeping pillow,” said analyst Steve Maripoochie. “As far as I’m concerned, any pup that shits the bed as often as he does simply isn’t going to go far in this league.”




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