Speedy Chris Johnson Reaches Has-Been Status Faster Than Any RB In NFL History

Updated: September 11, 2012

Chris Johnson, the star Tennessee Titans running back known for his blistering speed, reached has-been status quicker than any other player in NFL history on Sunday.


Chris Johnson angry

“Hey, I still have ‘cop speed.’ Provided the cop in question has just consumed a dozen powdered doughnuts and a couple of bear claws.”

Johnson, who rushed for a stellar 2,006 yards during the ’09 season, has seen his yardage totals diminish steadily ever since. Last year, he slumped to a mere 1,057 yards, and Sunday against the New England Patriots, he managed just four yards on eleven carries, a paltry total that made Johnson the second leading rusher on his own team, behind quarterback Jake Locker, of all people.


Informed he had reached the milestone, Johnson told reporters, “I share this distinction with all my offensive teammates, who contributed greatly to my being in a position to claim this title. In particular, I’d like to mention all my offensive linemen. Fellas, I only go as far as you allow me to. This award belongs to you just as much as it belongs to me.”


With his astonishingly poor performance on Sunday, Johnson reached official NFL has-been status in just his fourth season, beating the previous mark held by former Indianapolis Colt Joseph Addai by a full year.





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