Jets’ Geno Smith Struggling To Throw Paper Wad in Trash Can

Rookie QB unable to get on same page with metal pail

Updated: July 30, 2013

NEW YORK – With their 2013 training camp well underway, Jets coaches are becoming increasingly concerned over second round draft choice Geno Smith’s inability to toss a crumpled wad of paper into a nearby trash can in the team’s meeting  room, sources reported earlier today.


The trash can is currently #3 on the team’s depth chart at wide receiver.


“Every day, we’ve been moving his seat assignment around the room, in order to test his range” explained frustrated head coach Rex Ryan. “Diagonally from the can so he can throw some quick outs. Right in the center for a mid-range pass. Hell, we even put him on a folding chair right next to the damn thing, so he could complete a few dump-offs.”


“But no matter where we placed him, he’d either miss the target, or suddenly scramble off to the bathroom,” concluded Ryan.


While Smith’s difficulty in depositing refuse into the trash receiver is worrisome for the Jets staff, it is not unprecedented.


“Back in ’08 when we drafted (Mark) Sanchez, he struggled to hit the garbage pail too,” said Ryan. “Once, he even fell out of his chair and slammed his face directly into (former Jets OL) Brandon Moore’s backside. In hindsight, I guess we should have seen that as a bad omen.”

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