Contract Negotiations Stall Over Drew Brees’ Demand to Have Weekends Off

Updated: July 12, 2012

Negotiations between the New Orleans Saints and holdout quarterback Drew Brees broke down late Thursday evening when the team’s franchise player demanded his newest contract include a clause that would ensure he would no longer be required to work on weekends.


“I’ve been in this league ten years now, you know?  I’ve paid my dues,” the six time pro bowler said to reporters as he exited Saints headquarters. “It’s not fair I get stuck working every single weekend from September through January.  I have a life.”


“Including preseason, you’re talking about, what, like, 20 weekends of work,” he continued.  “And god forbid we make the playoffs. That’s up to five more. I’m too old to be stuck working Sundays like some teenage ballboy.”


Reminded that the Saints’ schedule is likely to include an occasional non-weekend contest, Brees remained opposed. “Yeah, maybe there’s a Monday game in there somewhere, or sometimes a Thursday one. But you know what?  Even then, they always make us play those games at night. So I have to skip dinner with my family, my whole sleeping pattern is out of whack the next couple of days. It totally sucks.”


“Last year, my wife and I were invited to this potluck dinner one of our neighbors was hosting on a Sunday night. We accepted, completely forgetting that I was scheduled to play against the Colts that night. So when I had to call the guy to cancel, my neighbor was all, “You have to work?  That’s such a shame. I’m so glad I don’t pull weekend shifts anymore.’  I think he’s a comptroller or something. It was completely embarrassing.”


“Look, no one can question my work ethic.  Monday through Friday, nine to five, I’m your guy.  Schedule the Saints’ games then, and I’ll give you a hundred and ten percent every time.  Need me to stick around an extra half hour every so often, like if a game goes into overtime or whatever?  Sure, fine. But this bullshit about spending every single Sunday at work?  It’s for the birds, man.”

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