So Called “Doctor” James Andrews Revealed To Be Charlatan Scamming NFL Players For Years

Updated: August 8, 2012

“Dr.” James Andrews, the longtime go-to medical specialist for NFL players suffering from serious knee or ankle injuries, was revealed to be a charlatan and a con man Wednesday, and is currently a fugitive on the run from federal authorites.


So Called "Doctor," James Andrews, Actually A Slick Con Man

If you see this man, contact your local police department immediately. Do NOT let him anywhere near your knees.

Andrews, who amassed a small fortune over several years by bilking injured NFL players with his so-called “treatments,” is believed to be heading southwest from his home in Birmingham, Alabama, and is presumed to be hopping freight trains heading toward the Mexican border.


“We should have suspected something years ago,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  His only clients seem to be NFL players.  A few NBA guys sometimes, too.  We all feel deeply embarrassed for allowing this swindler to scam us for so many years.”


Andrews’ past clients have included such notable athletes as Emmitt Smith, Bo Jackson, and Michael Jordan.  Currently, Cleveland Browns rookie Trent Richardson and Minnesota Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson have been visiting Andrews in his “clinic,” which turned out to be a cleverly disguised aluminum shed in Andrews’ backyard.


“The guy sure looked like a doctor.  He had the robe and the stethoscope, and that thing that doctors wear on their heads, you know?  The headband with the shiny circle on it,” said Peterson.  “But you could tell something wasn’t right. He kept forgetting which knee had the injury, and those “bone tissue regeneration pills” he gave me looked an awful lot like Flintstones vitamins.”





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