Seahawks Fans To Really Stick it to 49ers By Paying $400 For a Rock

"That'll Show 'Em," Says Fan Writing Large Check

Updated: July 18, 2013

Numerous fans of the Seattle Seahawks, whose fierce hatred of the San Francisco 49ers has grown significantly as both teams have risen to prominence in the NFC, are mounting an online effort to belittle and humiliate their arch rival by paying $400 for a rock, it was reported today.



“But not just any rock. A reddish-brown, rectangular rock that has the words, ‘Go Hawks!!!’ written on it” said Seahawks fan Jeremy McMillen, 25, referring to the inscription process that will cost the 49ers organization less than five dollars to create. “What better way to spend four hundred bucks, right?”


The ownership of Levi’s Stadium, the future home field for the 49ers which is still currently under construction, is allowing fans to purchase custom inscribed bricks, with prices ranging from $195 to $395, that will line the walkways leading to the new stadium. Traditionally, such bricks are bought as gifts to be given to sports-loving family members, and rarely, if ever, does anyone stop to read the bricks other than the purchasing parties. But that hasn’t dissuaded Seahawks fans from their intentions to buy the most expensive brick available.


“Just wait until those (expletive) Niners fans get a load of that rock,” said ‘Hawks fan Marco Richards, 23, whose rent is currently two months overdue. “When they see that one of the nearly 95,000 bricks in that walkway says “Go Hawks!!!,” and that we did it for only the price of a month’s worth of groceries, boy will they feel stupid!”

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