Roger Goodell Fines Hurricane Isaac $500,000

Updated: August 29, 2012

After learning that Hurricane Isaac forced the New Orleans Saints to cut their practice short and relocate their families out of the area, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell Wednesday issued a $500,000 fine against the weakening, but still powerful tropical cyclone.

Hurricane Isaac NFL

A four game suspension has also been discussed


“Despite numerous warnings, Hurricane Isaac has acted inappropriately in its relentless lashing of the Gulf Coast these past few days. With the 2012 season less than two weeks away, this sort of disruption to the Saints’ strict practice and meeting schedule is reckless and unforgivable.”


While legal experts questioned Goodell’s authority over the category three storm, NFL sources confirm that the league’s 2011 collective bargaining agreement gives Goodell absolute sovereignty over all earthly climate disasters, both land and sea based, as they pertain to NFL interests.


The fine continues the commissioner’s tough, “zero tolerence” stance on powerful, naturally forming weather systems, and is reminiscent of Goodell’s harsh penalties levied on Hurricane Katrina, who is still permanently banned from the league due to her egregious anti-social acts of 2005.




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