RGIII To Wear Red, “Do-Not-Hit” Jersey During Eagles Game

Updated: September 8, 2013

WASHINGTON – Redskins superstar Robert Griffin III, playing Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles for the first time since major reconstructive knee surgery eight months ago, will wear a red “do-not-hit” jersey in the game for safety, said Washington coach Mike Shanahan.



“It’s for Robert’s own good,” explained Shanahan. “As much as he says he’s ready to go full-tilt, without limitations, we know we have to proceed slowly with an injury this severe. So I’ve sent orders to the Eagles defense that Griffin is not to be tackled or touched in any way, at any time, no matter whether he’s dropping back to throw, scrambling in the pocket, or tucking the ball to run upfield. He’s strictly off limits.”


“Oh, and this applies to special teams too,” added Shanahan. “Because I’m going to use him as a return man for every punt and every kickoff, in order to get him the reps he needs. But remember Philly, ix-nay on the ackle-tays,”


Asked when he expects to lift the no-contact rule, Shanahan remained non-committal. “At this point, it’s hard to predict. Maybe until the end of this year. Maybe even the next year. I’m not going to rush him back into a contact situation, I can tell you that much.”

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