“People In Philadelphia Are Really Rude” Reports Guy Wearing New York Giants Jersey

Updated: October 9, 2014

PHILADELPHIA – Residents of this historic American city are “unbelievably rude, and completely obnoxious for absolutely no reason at all,” reported a guy walking around Philadelphia’s downtown district wearing a New York Giants jersey earlier today.



“You know how they call this place the ‘city of brotherly love? Well that’s a total crock,” said the guy, who was also sporting an official Giants cape, Giants battle mask, and a blue-and-white haired Giants wig. “I was shocked at just how discourteous the citizens in this town really are. I’d be walking along, minding my own business and shouting things like, ‘let’s go G-Men, let’s go!’ And it seemed like everywhere I went, people were giving me nasty looks, and shouting insults at me. A couple of times they even chucked D-size batteries at my head. Boy, talk about being unwelcoming to an out-of-town visitor.”


Despite the unpleasant experience, the guy expressed hope that the rest of his east coast vacation would go smoothly.


“Yeah, I’ve still got about a week of vacation left,” the guy said, while packing his Zubaz Giants sweatpants, Giants top hat, and oversized “New York Giants: Four Time Super Bowl Champs” foam finger. “Tomorrow, I head down to DC for a couple of days, and then after that I’ll be in Dallas until Sunday. I’m sure the folks in those cities will treat me with the proper levels of respect and courtesy I deserve.”

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