Mel Kiper Gives Seahawks a “D” For Their Pick In Kiper’s Latest Mock Draft

Updated: March 7, 2013

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper criticized the Seattle Seahawks and gave the team a grade of “D” for their selection of DT Johnathan Hankins in the first round of Kiper’s latest mock draft.



“If Seattle wants a penetrator on the interior of the D-line, Hankins really isn’t that guy,” Kiper wrote after projecting the 6-3 tackle out of Ohio State to be selected by the Seahawks with the 25th pick of the pretend draft. “He doesn’t have the burst to split gaps and create havoc behind the line of scrimmage.”


Hankins, 21, has been called a late-first to early-second round prospect by most analysts, and Kiper was critical of the Seahawks’ predicted choice considering the depth of mock-talent still available on the board.


“I just don’t know what the ‘Hawks were thinking when they made this hypothetical choice,” said Kiper. “With so many other mock players still available in this mock draft, the Seahawks’ selection of Johnathan Hankins in this fantasy world that exists only in my head is simply baffling. I initially wanted to assign this pick an ‘F’ grade, but instead I’ll grade Hankins as a ‘D’ based on the sleeper potential that Seattle must see in this pick that they haven’t, technically, made.”



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    You know what I like about the older articles? None of the a-hole(s) have multiple posts, like they’re writing for the FB QB article.

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