Marcus Mariota Shows Off Blazing Speed At NFL Combine By Running Away From Buccaneers Scouts

Updated: February 20, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS – Heisman Trophy winning QB Marcus Mariota, widely expected to be one of the top players selected in the first round of this April’s draft, wowed onlookers during Friday’s session of the NFL combine with his blazing speed as he sprinted away from Tampa Bay scouts hoping to interview him about the possibility of his becoming a Buccaneer, according to impressed sources on the scene.

Marcus Mariots 40 Yard Dash


“I knew Mariota was fast, but when I saw him scampering away from those Buccaneers officials, I realized just how fast he can run when he really needs to,” said NFL network analyst Albert Breer. “When you’re faced with a dangerous situation, like a blitzing linebacker, or the risk of spending your entire career in a boring town like Tampa Bay playing for one of the least successful franchises in NFL history, it’s important to use quick feet and long strides to get yourself out of danger, which Mariota showed he can truly do.”


According to onlookers, the former Oregon quarterback wasn’t the only prospect showing off his “Tampa speed.”


“After failing to get an interview with Mariota, I saw the Buccaneers officials try to corner (former Florida State QB) Jameis Winston,” Said Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Brandt. “Sensing trouble, Winston simply juked to his left, spun away from the scouts, and took off running across the field with his patented ‘crab legs swiping speed.’ I tell you, that kid can flat out fly!”

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    Please do an intercepted text between Bradford and Chip Kelly.

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        I hope he does an article of Tim Tebow signing with the Eagles.

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    Hate to be THAT guy, but Tampa Bay is listed as a “city” on Wikipedia.

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                *runs into own linemans ass, fumbles ball, is returned for touchdown*

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    Yeah! Knew you’d be back. :)

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