Manti Te’o’s Agent Looks At Photo of Boat He Wanted to Buy, Curses, Sighs

Updated: April 26, 2013
Pictured, from left to right: Condon, Te'o, Teo's girlfriend

Pictured, from left to right: Condon, Te’o, Teo’s girlfriend

Moments after the first round of the 2013 NFL draft concluded Thursday evening, sports agent Tom Condon leaned back in the chair at his CAA office, looked at a photo of his client, former Notre Dame LB Manti Te’o, then at a picture of a Sea Ray 410 Sundancer Yacht he was hoping to purchase, before finally cursing softly under his breath and sighing, it was reported early Friday.


“Son of a bitch,” muttered the sports superagent softly to himself, while shaking his head. “Stupid, stupid, son of a bitch.Goddamn athletes and their goddamn, stupid, idiotic, boneheaded, schemes. Goddammit..”


Te’o, 22, endured a much publicized scandal earlier this year when it was discovered that the beautiful woman he had fallen in love with and whose tragic death he later publicly grieved did not, in fact, exist. Prior to the scandal, The Heisman Trophy runner-up had been seen as a mid-to-high pick in the first round of the NFL draft, ensuring a multiyear contract worth tens of millions of dollars for Te’o and his family, as well as a lucrative commission for Condon and CAA. Instead, Te’o went undrafted through the first round, and analysts says his eventual earnings will be a fraction of what they might have been had Te’o’s personal problems not surfaced so publicly.

The 410 Sundancer is one of the fastest in its class. Unlike Te'o.

The 410 Sundancer is one of the fastest in its class. Unlike Te’o.


“Stupid, witless, son of a…” continued Condon, before sighing heavily again. He then took one last look at the photo of the 41-foot yacht, which would have come fully equipped with a 32″ flat screen TV, solid surface breakfast bar, and state of the art QSB 425 Diesel engines, before shaking his head slowly, folding up the photo, and dropping it into his wastepaper basket while softly murmuring one final, “fuck.”

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