Make-A-Wish Kid Granted Request To Throw Pass For Titans, Immediately Moves To Top Of Depth Chart

Updated: September 20, 2012

Danny Sloane, an eleven year old boy from Robinsville, TN diagnosed with a potentially lethal degenerative heart disease, has been an ardent Tennessee Titans fan his entire life. And Thursday, after being granted a very special wish to throw a pass to backup Titans wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins, Sloan immediately moved to the top spot on the team’s depth chart, according to head coach Mike Munchak.

Make-A-Wish Kid Becomes Tennessee Titans New Starting QB

While Sloan has no prior QB experience at any level, he did recently guide the Titans to a 11-5 season in the “Madden 13,” video game, albeit on the “rookie” skill level.


“Danny’s a great kid. He’s got such a positive attitude, such a great smile,” said Munchak.  “And when we saw him lob that underhanded toss to Lavelle, my assistants and I all looked at each other and said, ‘well, we’ve seen worse.'”


Off to an 0-2 start on the 2012 season, the Titans have struggled with substandard quarterback play. Starter Jake Locker has completed just 61% of his passes for a less-than-stellar 77.6 QB rating, and backup Matt Hasselbeck and his 63.8 rating has fared even worse.


“Danny gives us a chance to shake things up a bit,” Munchak explained. “Hopefully he’ll average better than 6.5 yards per attempt,” he said, casting an angry glare at the nearby Locker, who averted his eyes shamefully.


Critics have questioned the wisdom of allowing an adolescent boy, and a sick one at that, to compete against fully grown professional athletes, but Munchak has dismissed the criticisms.


“Look, I’ve watched the kid in practice, okay? He absolutely shredded our defense. And I think that should tell you all you need to know… about that…” he said, before trailing off and squinting his eyes thoughtfully.

Tennessee Titans May Have Found Chris Johnson's Replacement

“Hey coach. We found Chris Johnson’s replacement too. For SURE, he can’t do any worse.”


For his part, Sloan seems to be taking the opportunity in stride.


“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I get to go right on the field and play with the team and stuff,” Sloan said, while donning his peewee shoulder pads before practice. Coach tells me we’re playing the Detroit Lions this week. My friend Iggy at school said that Detroit has this guy named Namadaga… Nedoomaka… I forget, but Iggy said he’s a mean monster. I think he’s just trying to scare me.”


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  1. ritak

    December 6, 2012 at 8:39 am

    Maybe Jacksonville will want him next

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