Looming Roster Cuts Are Dolphin Fringe Players’ Last Chance To Get The Hell Off The Dolphins

Updated: August 30, 2012

After concluding their preseason against the Dallas Cowboys Wednesday night, numerous fringe players on the Miami Dolphins must now nervously await the approaching final roster cutdown to 53 players, knowing full well that this could be their last chance to get the hell off their wretched team.

Rishard Matthews

“Drop it, drop it, drop it.. dammit! I caught it. That’s not the impression I want to make here.”


“It’s a tough time of year to be sure,” said 4th year WR Brian Hartline. Every August around this time, you see an assistant tell some player to follow them to the head coach’s office, and to bring their playbook. It breaks your heart, because you know that kid can now try out for any other team in the league. And you’re sitting there thinking, ‘why couldn’t that be me?'”


“I’m on pins and needles,” added LB Austin Spitler. “Sometimes it feels hopeless. You start to get down, thinking that maybe it’s not ever going to happen for you. But then you look at a guy like (former Dolphin and current New England Patriot) Wes Welker, and you know there’s still hope.”


“It’s what we’ve all dreamed about ever since we were kids,” sad WR Rishard Matthews, the team’s 7th round selection in this past April’s draft.”To play big time professional football, to make it to the playoffs, maybe even to get a Super Bowl ring. And we all know that we’re so, so close to that dream. But to make it come true, we have to be one of the select few who can beat the odds and get cut from this team first.”


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  1. Colin Kaepernick

    June 23, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    But But but but the Dolphins rule.

  2. Anonymous

    December 22, 2013 at 8:10 am

    Ouch. This hurt. But lol still great

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