Joe Montana’s Kid Replaced By Steve Young’s Kid on Pop Warner Team

Updated: October 15, 2013

SOUTHBRIDGE, CA – Joey Montana, the 10-year old son of legendary San Francisco QB Joe Montana, was replaced in the starting lineup of the Southbridge Cougars pop warner football team by Stephan Young, the 9-year old son of fellow 49ers great Steve Young, it was reported early today.



“Joey is a great kid and supurb athlete, and we’ll never forget the ten months he spent as the Cougars’ starting quarterback,” said Southbridge head coach Sief Georgefort. “But Stephan Young represents the future of the team, and I felt this change gave us the best chance to win. We’re grateful to Joey for all the great games he’s given us, but it’s time to move on.”


The younger Montana, nicknamed “Joey Cool” because of that one time he spilled a full cup of Mountain Dew down the front of his shirt, was reportedly not taking the move well.


“Yeah, Joey’s pretty mad,” said a source close to the prepubescent. “He feels like he gave the Cougars the best forty-two weeks of his life, and now he’s just being cast aside.”


According to multiple reports, the friction between the sons of the NFL Hall of Famers is palpable.



“Joey hates Stephan. Absolutely hates him,” continued the anonymous source. “Stephan’s tried to be classy about this whole thing, and even offered to split his Slurpee with Joey as sort of a peace offering, but Joey wants nothing to do with him. You could really feel the tension in the air when the whole team went to Pizza Hut after the game. This infighting is driving a wedge right down the middle of the roster.”


Reports that Montana was close to a trade that would send him to the crosstown Castlebury Chiefs, and that his roster spot on the Cougars would be taken by Lil’ Stevie Bono, could not be confirmed at press time.

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  1. Whistle Fritz

    October 15, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    Great story, history is doomed to repeat itself.

  2. Sam

    October 15, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    It’s ‘superb’.

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