Jim Harbaugh Announces Alex Smith Trade To Chiefs While Wearing Bandit’s Mask

Updated: February 27, 2013

The San Francisco 49ers have agreed to trade quarterback Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 2nd round pick in this coming April’s draft as well as a similar pick in the 2014 draft, said 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh while wearing a bandit’s mask.

Added Harbaugh: "Yee-haw!"

Added Harbaugh: “Yee-haw!”


“This is a deal that will surely be beneficial to all parties,” Harbaugh explained, while adjusting the criminal eyewear. “Alex gets a fresh start, and the Chiefs add stability at the quarterback position. In exchange, we get the first pick of the draft’s 2nd round this year, as well as the Chiefs’ 2nd rounder in 2014.”


“Yes, seriously,” Harbaugh added in response to persistent questioning from reporters.


Smith, the number one overall choice in the 2005 draft, was largely disappointing during his 49ers tenure, and found himself benched in favor of second year player Colin Kaepernick during last season’s Super Bowl run. Wednesday’s transaction surpassed what many perceived as Smith’s limited trade value.


“We wanted to do whatever it took to make Alex a Chief, and we feel we’re adding a heck of a player,” said Kansas City coach Andy Reid, while wearing a dunce cap. “We couldn’t be happier with the terms of the deal.”



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