HBO Planning “Hard Knocks” / “Game of Thrones” Crossover

Updated: August 7, 2013

LOS ANGELES – In an effort to boost sagging ratings of its annual NFL reality series “Hard Knocks,” HBO announced plans today for a large scale crossover between the thirteen-year old sports show and the cable network’s most popular dramatic series, “Game of Thrones.”



We’re very excited about this opportunity to combine two of our signature series,” said HBO President Eric Kessler.”We feel the content of each program provides a perfect match for the other. On one side, you have a powerful series featuring an abundance of villainous warriors, brutal thugs, and lying scoundrels. And on the other side, you have ‘Game of Thrones.’ So they should work great together.”


The merger has not been without its issues, however.


“There have been some difficulties, yes,” admitted Bengals coach Marvin Lewis. “Tyrion Lannister keeps outjumping our DB’s during passing drills. Plus, our entire punt coverage unit was incinerated by a blast of dragon fire during yesterday’s scrimmage. Oh, and apparently King Joffrey is claiming that Pacman Jones is simply too evil of a person to work with. So we’re still making some adjustments.”



“But things are looking up,” added the head coach. “Apparently Andy Dalton and someone named Melisandre have really hit it off over their shared love of hair shade. They’re planning something called a ‘Red Wedding,’ right before our first game, and the whole team is invited. Sounds like it’ll be a real killer party.”


According to Kessler, other NFL stars will also make appearances during the show’s run.


“We’re going to bring in other quarterbacks from the AFC North as guest stars,” said Kessler. “Brandon Weeden will be a centuries-old white walker stuck in a frigid wasteland. Ben Roethlisberger will be playing Hodor’s slightly dumber cousin. And if you look closely during one of the epic battle scenes taking place in the forests near Winterfell, you’ll see Joe Flacco portraying a piece of wood.”

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