Eli Manning Spends Christmas Morning Playing Inside Empty Cardboard Box

Updated: December 26, 2012

Instead of riding the new Big Wheel™ plastic tricycle he received as a Christmas present, Giants QB Eli Manning pretty much spent all morning playing inside the empty cardboard box the toy came in, it was reported Tuesday.

New York Giants QB Eli Maning Hides In Empty Cardbord Box


“Isn’t that always the way?” smiled Manning’s father Archie, while watching his son peek out from behind the cardboard flaps. “For weeks now, Eli’s been talking about how much he wanted a new Big Wheel, and when ‘Santa’ brings him one for Christmas, what does he do? Ignores it and heads right for the box. Well, the important thing is that he’s having fun, right?”


According to sources close to the family, Manning has been asking for a new Big Wheel since his last one was ruined from exposure to the elements.


“We had to throw away his last Big Wheel after he left it out in the yard for weeks on end while he went to training camp,” said Manning’s mother Olivia. “It was sunbleached and filthy, and some of the plastic had started to warp. Eli has promised to take better care of this one, and he knows that if he doesn’t put it back in the garage after every time he uses it, ‘Santa’s’ not going to buy him any more.”


Denver QB Peyton Manning, preparing for this Sunday’s season finale against the Chiefs and a possible move to the AFC’s #1 seed, chose to skip his family’s holiday celebration in order to focus on film study and game planning. But for the younger Eli, whose Giants are all but eliminated from the NFC playoffs, nothing is more important than spending Christmas morning at home.


“It’s just adorable,” beamed Archie Manning, while watching his giggling son pull the flaps of the box closed as other members of the family “looked” for him. “He thinks he’s invisible when he closes the top. How cute is that?”



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