Doctors Fear Tom Brady Injury May Have Separated Tim Tebow From Bench

Updated: August 14, 2013

FOXBOROUGH, MA – Patriots coaches and trainers expressed concern today that the knee injury suffered by QB Tom Brady during Wednesday’s practice may have resulted in a partial, or even permanent separation of Tim Tebow from the team’s bench.



“Of course we’re trying to remain optimistic until the MRI results are in,” said a visibly shaken Bill Belichick. “But there’s a very real possibility that Tom’s injury may have dislodged Tebow from the bench, which of course would be classified as a grade-1 fracture of our entire season.”


“It was awful. As soon as that knee hit the ground I heard something pop,” said WR Danny Amendola. “I looked over and saw that the sound had come from Tim peeling himself off the bench while strapping on his helmet. It just made me want to puke. I’m pretty squeamish about things like that.”

Tim Tebow Patriots 400


As of press time, Brady’s injury was being called a “minor sprain” by team doctors, but Belichick claimed that he would be handling the delicate situation carefully.


“We’ll be taking a few extra precautions from this point forward,” Belichick told reporters. “Our medical staff is working to stabilize Tim and keep him firmly in place at the far end of the bench to avoid any further damage to our passing offense. So we’re looking into a custom designed brace that will limit his movements via a system of straps and surgically implanted metal rods.”

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