Caller To Philly Radio Criticizing Eagles QBs Sounds A Lot Like Donovan McNabb

Updated: September 18, 2012


A Tuesday morning caller to Philadelphia’s “Baldy and Marks” radio program on “975 The Fanatic” complaining vehemently about the quality of quarterback play in recent Eagles games sounded remarkably like Donovan McNabb, sources reported.

Caller Who Sounds Like Donovan McNabb Calls Sports Radio

“Yes, I know they’re 2-0,” stated the caller. “But still. BRING BACK NUMBER FIVE”


“Michael Vick looks terrible out there, right?  I mean, six interceptions in two games?  A QB rating of 66.9? That’s just pure amateur hour,” said the caller, in a baritone register that eerily resembled McNabb’s. “I tell you guys, if Vick keeps making mistakes like that, there’s no way he’ll ever lead the Eagles to four straight NFC championship games, that’s for sure.”


The show’s hosts, ex-Eagle Brian Baldinger and analyst Jon Marks, reminded the caller that, if Vick were to somehow lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl, “at least he wouldn’t get tired in the 4th quarter. I mean, you certainly wouldn’t see him puking in the huddle during the game’s key drive, anyway.”


“Man, that stuff is so blown out of proportion,” claimed the oddly defensive caller. “Look, the bottom line is, this team and this town deserve better than Vick. They deserve a quarterback capable of throwing 234 lifetime TD’s, and going to six NFL Pro Bowls. Guys like that don’t grow on trees, obviously. So when you get one, you need to treat them like a king, man.”


“I think I speak for all Eagles fans when I say, ‘Bring Back Donovan McNabb,’ continued the unidentified caller. “I mean seriously you guys, don’t you think that if all the fans started demanding this, Reid would have no choice but to give McNabb a call?  I’ll bet he’d be willing to sign any contract the team offered him.”


Michael Vick Against the Baltimore Ravens

“You know who’s never tortured and killed an innocent dog? Donovan McNabb, that’s who,” said the caller.

“We should totally get a petition going or something,” added the caller. “You guys could probably spearhead something like that, couldn’t you?”


Neither Baldinger nor Marks seemed overly interested in the caller’s proposal, apart from derisively  mentioning, “at least Vick knows that NFL games can end in a tie.”


McNabb knows there are ties in football!” snarled the caller, angrily. “God!  Why does everyone always think… god!”


When asked his opinion on impressive Eagles backup QB Nick Foles, the mystery caller angrily spurted, “Yeah, let me tell you about this Foles kid. They’ll make him the local darling, everyone will call for him to start, and pretty soon, they’ll ship Vick off to play for some old has-been coach on a new team that won’t appreciate him. Just you watch. You’ll see. It’s not fair man. It’s not fair!” at which point, the unidentified caller angrily hung up.


Later that day, unconfirmed stories out of Washington stated that another emphatic phone call from the same mystery man was placed to the Washington D.C. area “Inside The Locker Room With Doc Walker and Brian Mitchell,” radio program on ESPN980, stating emphatically, “Sure, RGIII looks good now. But just you watch. That ridiculously complicated game plan of Kyle Shanahan’s is gonna cause problems down the line. No quarterback, not even an elite talent with a lifetime QB rating of 85.6, could be successful in a system like that.”


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