Bill Belichick Lets Call From Chad Johnson Go Straight To Voicemail

Updated: December 7, 2012

New England head coach Bill Belichick let an incoming call to his cellphone from former Bengals and Patriots WR Chad “Ochicinco” Johnson go straight to voicemail, sources confirmed Friday.


“Hey Coach B. It’s Chad calling you again. Chad Johnson,'” reportedly began the free agent WR’s voicemail message. “Just wanted to say ‘hey,’ and see what was up with you. Things are great with me. You know, I’m just working out, keeping fit, staying in game shape. I’m sure some lucky team’s gonna add me to their roster to give their passing game a boost going into the playoffs.”


“Hey, that reminds me, I was watching you guys against the Dolphins the other day,” continued the approximately three-minute message. “Seems like you’re having trouble completing any deep passes. I know Brady’s got the arm. Are your receivers struggling to get open?  Man, that’s a shame. I’d sure hate to see my favorite coach lose in the playoffs because his wide receivers couldn’t pull their weight. Something to think about, I guess.”


Belichick, who at the time was jotting down game plan thoughts, was not especially busy, and could easily have answered the call, had he been so inclined, sources speculated. A check of his personal phone records indicates that this is the fourteenth time Johnson has attempted communication with Belichick in the past three weeks alone.


“Well, I better bounce. Gotta go hit the weights again,” concluded the message. “I swear, I must be in the best shape of my life. Hit me back when you can. Day, night, call me anytime. Seriously. Okay, I gotta go. But really, call me. Talk to you soon!”


In a related story, multiple reports indicate that Belichick has recently changed his Gmail settings so that all incoming messages from “Owens, Terrell” go directly to his spam folder.


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