Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth Each Know Exactly Who Just Farted

Updated: January 8, 2013

While broadcasting the Green Bay-Minnesota playoff game over the weekend, NBC announcers Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels, alone in a two-man broadcasting booth, each was well aware of who just farted, sources confirmed early Monday morning.



“Webb takes the snap, steps back, and fires deep. The ball sails high and wide, and falls incomplete,” said Michaels following a second quarter Vikings offensive play. “I tell you Cris, sitting here watching this Minnesota squad struggle, you really feel like something’s starting to stink to high heaven.”


“Well that’s just the nature of the game Al,” countered Collinsworth. “When you feel as though you’re struggling and playing too tight, sometimes it’s best just to release it and let it fly.”


“True, though you’d hope these guys can be aware of their teammates,” observed Michaels. “They have to work together in close quarters, and you’d certainly hope they wouldn’t put anyone around them in an uncomfortable position by just laying one out there like that.”


“Al, I gotta say, I really feel like they’re all big boys, and shouldn’t judge one of their own too harshly for doing what comes natural.”


“But Cris, you have to admit that when you float a stinker like that out there, you owe it to your teammates to own up to it and say, ‘hey my bad,’ right?”


“Well, that’s just not the way I was taught to play the game, Al. For me, you don’t stink it up as an individual, you stink it up as a team, and everyone accepts the blame.”


As the two coworkers continued to bicker, the show’s producer quickly called a TV time out to open the door to the booth and pull Michaels and Collinsworth out into the hall, so they could clear the air.



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