Adrian Peterson Won’t Shut Up About Knee Surgery During Chat With RGIII

Updated: November 8, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS – Immediately following his team’s 34-27 defeat of the Washington Redskins Thursday night, Vikings RB Adrian Peterson engaged in a lengthy post game discussion with Washington QB Robert Griffin III at midfield, during which the all-pro back simply wouldn’t shut up about the reconstructive knee surgeries each player has undergone during recent seasons, according to well-placed sources on the scene.



“Yo Rob, how’s the knee holding up? Still giving you problems?” asked Peterson as the two met at the Mall of America Stadium 50 yard line. “Don’t feel bad if it’s coming along slowly. I guess I’m lucky. I had surgery in January of last year, and just a few months later I was able to lead my team to the playoffs. Rushed for over 2,000 yards too. But hey, I guess everyone’s body recovers at their own pace. You’ll get all the way back to your old form one of these days, with any luck.”


“All I wanted was to shake his hand, and maybe say a quick ‘nice game,'” said Griffin. “Then he starts going on and on about rehab schedules and knee strengthening exercises. Plus he wanted to talk about the receptionist at Dr. James Andrews’ office, and whether or not I thought she was cute. And the whole time I’m thinking, ‘look can I just go hit the showers now?'”


“And he kept finding passive-aggressive ways to point out how awesome his stats were last season, and how ‘disappointing’ mine have been this year,” continued the ‘Skins second year signal caller. “Look, I threw for 281 yards and 3 touchdowns last night. My knee’s doing just fine. I don’t need to listen to his shit.”


“I could tell he appreciated my input,” said Peterson. “I told him to keep his chin up, and not to let himself get too frustrated. It’s gotta be tough for him to play in the shadow of the things I accomplished last year. But I assured him that his slow healing pace is nothing to worry about. It’s probably a normal timetable for most people. If anything, my recovery time was the abnormal one, in terms of how quick and successful it was.”


Added Peterson, “Did you know I came within a few yards of breaking the all time single season rushing record last year? And remember, this was just nine months after reconstructive knee surgery. In case you forgot.”

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